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August 2, 2013

The announcement by Premier Colin Barnett today to share Police Minister Liza Harvey with the tourism portfolio has prompted the WA Police Union to call for a stand-alone Minister for Police.

Union President George Tilbury questioned Mr Barnett’s commitment to Police when he made the announcement this morning, without any consultation with the Union.

“We are not calling into question Mrs Harvey’s competency at all,” Mr Tilbury said.

“However, we believe Police should have a Minister who caters solely to the Police portfolio, and that’s it.

“The Police portfolio is a complex and intensive one which deserves its own dedicated Minister.

“It beggars belief that the Premier does not also share this view.”

Mr Tilbury said he did not want the Police portfolio to be neglected or diluted because of other portfolio commitments.

“We have all seen media reports of how the portfolio of health suffered as a result of sharing a Minister, and Police do not deserve to be an afterthought,” Mr Tilbury said.

The WA Police Union implores Mr Barnett to reconsider this portfolio change and bring more Ministers into the fold if there isn’t enough to ensure the Police portfolio gets the attention it deserves.