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The following can be attributed to WA Police Union President Harry Arnott:

The WA Police Union believes this is yet another knee jerk reaction by the McGowan Government, they are missing the bigger picture and they are failing to support the community and policing.

The Government’s lack of commitment to increasing police numbers has created the police shortages, putting increased pressure on officers to do more with less and placing the community at risk.

Currently, there are 128 long term vacancies across the Perth metropolitan area which is having an impact on policing, plus 90 long term vacancies in regional WA. These vacancies mean more than 400 police cars are off the road each and every week. This can only be fixed by committing to more police numbers which will ensure the safety of our colleagues and the community.

Staffing shortages are at a critical mass and every police officer is feeling the pinch. 

The additional 55,000 hours of overtime will simply see police officers conduct normal policing duties for longer, nothing else, no special operations, just basic police work.