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DATE: December 17, 2019

The WA Police Union Board of Directors has given in-principle agreement to a fifth and final offer from the State Government for a replacement Industrial Agreement for police officers.

The exact details of the offer have not yet been presented to Members and all parties have agreed not to release them publicly until such time as drafting of key clauses has been completed.

WAPU President Harry Arnott said the Members would ultimately determine whether the offer is accepted or rejected.

“The fifth and final offer is the last opportunity to resolve this matter via negotiation,” Mr Arnott said.

“Whether the final offer meets the expectations of our Members will be determined by them.

“Our Members understand that if they reject this offer we will be headed to the WA Industrial Relations Commission to arbitrate for a final outcome.”

Mr Arnott said he expected that drafting of key clauses may take significant time with a ballot of Members not likely to be conducted until next year.

“All parties need to agree to the drafting of the key clauses before we can ballot our Members. While all parties are committed to a negotiated outcome, it will take time to finalise the finer details of the offer.”