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Date: 12 March, 2020

The State's police officers have rejected the McGowan Government's fifth and final offer for a replacement industrial agreement.

The offer was presented to the 6357 eligible members and only 39 per cent supported the proposed replacement agreement.

President Harry Arnott said: “Our members have given us a mandate. They have made it very clear that they will not accept wages policy.

"Our Members don't trust the McGowan Government not to change the state wages policy and they believe the $1,000 is simply disrespectful," Mr Arnott said.

“This entire negotiation process has been infuriating for our members. We engaged Government in February 2019 in order to reach an early outcome. The McGowan Government has provided disrespectful offers which have caused lengthy delays and frustrated the process.

“Whilst we are committed to a negotiated outcome, it is very clear the intransigent stance of the McGowan Government will likely force us into the WA Industrial Relations Commission.

“We are already doing more with less than any other public sector group. We work longer hours, face more adversity and have less time down than any other public sector group.

“Due to many environmental factors, the job has become significantly more difficult and challenging. None of these factors seem to be accepted or appreciated by the McGowan Government. If Mr McGowan can’t look after his police force – he can look after himself.

“We will continue to talk to other public sector unions and we will openly support other unions whose members will not accept wages policy.”