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Date: August 2, 2020
The WA Police Union supports a commitment made by Perth Lord Mayoral candidate Basil Zempilas to lobby for additional police officers in Perth.
The Perth Police Centre has seen its authorised strength drop from 214 in 2014 to 175 this year.
The decrease in staff has come at a time when the station’s sub-district has also increased with police officers having to cover the Perth CBD, Northbridge and surrounding suburbs as well as the Burswood entertainment precinct including Optus Stadium.
President Harry Arnott said on any given Friday or Saturday night there could be as little as 20 to 25 police officers to police 300,000 people.
“The situation at the Perth Police Centre is absolutely dire. We are 200 police officers short just in Perth alone and if we want to address the issues currently plaguing our CBD we need more blue shirts,” Mr Arnott said.
“We have seen recent violent attacks in Northbridge and when that occurs as many as 10 officers are tied up for hours dealing with the fallout, leaving even less to respond to the community’s calls for assistance.” 
Mr Arnott said the Union would support any Mayoral candidate’s commitment to lobby for more police officer however, the City of Perth also needed to play its part.
“Currently, it is near on impossible to attract police officers to Perth Police Centre because it lacks free, secure parking. Previously, the City has told the Union our Members should use public transport to get to and from work, it’s simply not safe.
“You cannot ask our hardworking police officers to get on public transport in the early hours of the morning often with the same people they have either locked up or given a move on notice. It’s a recipe for disaster.
“The police officers at Perth Police Centre are doing a sterling job, they just need more resources so they can be more proactive and make inroads into the issues which afflict our city.”