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September 14, 2020

Nearly 95 per cent of police officers support the McGowan Government’s hard border because it reduces the risk posed to the State.

In a survey of more than 500 police officers from across the State:

  • 94.5 per cent supported the McGowan Government’s hard border policy and the level of support was consistent across both districts and ranks;
  • 61.2 per cent were concerned about contracting COVID-19; and
  • 67.9 per cent believed WA community had been “Very Good” or “Good” at complying with government restrictions. However, police officers warned that community complacency appeared to be growing.

WA Police Union President Harry Arnott said the closure of the State's border made it easier for police officers to manage the pandemic.

“Our Members are fully behind the McGowan Government and its actions to defend the legal challenge by Clive Palmer and for the safety and security of all West Australians we would urge Mr Palmer to drop his case,” Mr Arnott said.

“Police officers have had their say and they are telling us the hard border needs to remain in place to limit the risk to our community.

“The people of Western Australia deserve the security the hard border provides and without a doubt opening the State's border will make it harder for our police officers.

“The WA Police Force has done a superb job of managing the State during this pandemic, right from the Commissioner of Police down to the troops on the frontline.”