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Date: Friday, 18 September 2020
The following can be attributed to WA Police Union President Harry Arnott:
The WA Police Union is extremely disappointed with the decision to dismiss our Member’s application to have the trial held in Geraldton. 
Ordinarily, a trial of an accused person would take place in a court that is located where the alleged offence occurred. This incident took place in Geraldton and therefore the trial should be heard in Geraldton.
However, in this instance because the DPP unusually choose to commence the proceedings in Perth, our Member will be forced to have his trial heard in a foreign place even though Geraldton is where most of the witnesses, our Member, his family and the involved person's family live. It simply does not add up.
The judge today found that there was no reason why our Member could not get a safe and fair trial in Geraldton and also accepted that this trial would be very stressful for our Member and he would be denied support from his wife and young family.
The result of this is that the DPP decision to try the matter in Perth is nothing short of unusual and will significantly increase the cost of the taxpayer for this trial.
The WA Police Union will continue to support our Member 100 per cent throughout this entire process.