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The WA Police Union has welcomed the McGowan Government’s announcement of a Police Compensation Scheme.
The new Scheme provides an exit payment, an additional payment for re-training and importantly, the maintenance of all current medical entitlements.
StandingOvation OnlineWAPU President Harry Arnott said the scheme had been a long time coming with Governments all of stripes failing to find a workable solution until now.
"Today, is a landmark moment for the health and safety of police officers and their families across our great State," Mr Arnott said.
"This scheme does exactly what it needs to do – it fills the gap and provides financial support to police officers who are injured on the frontline and can never return to protect and serve our community. 
"Over the years, we have seen far too many good people thrown on the scrap heap and left to fend for themselves. Some even had the indignity of being boarded out under Section 8, that same section that removes corrupt police officers. All that stops right now.”
Mr Arnott said it was important existing medical entitlements had not been impacted by the new scheme.
"One of the biggest sticking points has been the will of previous governments, and I might add previous Commissioners, to remove or downgrade our hard fought, existing medical entitlements," he said.
"It is a credit to the McGowan Government that they have developed a scheme which does not impact on existing entitlements.
"I want to take this opportunity on behalf of our Members to thank the Premier and Minister of Police for finalising this very, very important protection for our people."
Mr Arnott said the Union expected the Opposition and Minor Parties to support this legislation.
"Regardless of the election result come March, this needs to be pushed through Parliament at the earliest opportunity and that will be clearly conveyed to the Liberals, Nationals and minor parties."