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Date: Friday 4 December, 2020
The WA Police Union will today commence arbitration in the WA Industrial Relations Commission seeking an additional week of leave for police officers.
The Union will present evidence which shows the unique, extraordinary, difficult and dangerous conditions police officers face daily. 
WAPU President Harry Arnott said the partial arbitration would finally resolve an industrial agreement negotiation which began in February 2019. 
"The length of time this agreement negotiation has taken is unprecedented and this arbitration hearing will get us one step closer to finally reaching a resolution," Mr Arnott said.
"We are confident our evidence from the frontline and medical experts will clearly show why an additional week of leave is vital to ensure police officers get the relief they need and deserve from the rigours of policing."
Mr Arnott said he believed a decision would be handed down in the first quarter of next year.
"Once this situation is resolved, we are going to be in the very unusual position of having just signed off this agreement, dusting ourselves off and then beginning a new set of negotiations.
"Representing the rights and best interests of police officers and police auxiliary officers has never been tougher and this negotiation is a prime example of that."
The hearing is scheduled for five days in the WA Industrial Relations Commission. All other aspects of the industrial agreement have been agreed to except the additional leave component being arbitrated. 
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