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DATE: Thursday 30 June 2022
SUBJECT: Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen
Quotes attributable to Mick Kelly, President of the WA Police Union:
“The WA Police Union welcomes the guilty verdict against Domenic Perre for the despicable murder of our late member, Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen.
“It’s been 28 years since Perre committed one of the most heinous crimes against a member of Australia’s tight-knit police family, but the outcome of the trial proves law enforcement agencies will never stop in their efforts to bring people to justice.
“Detective Sergeant Bowen’s murder widowed his wife and robbed two young boys of their father. The WA Police Union hopes the verdict provides them and Detective Sergeant Bowen’s other loved ones with some degree of closure at long last.”
Established in 1912, our membership consists of more than 7,000 police officers, police auxiliary officers and police cadets from all over the world’s largest single police jurisdiction, which covers more than 2.5 million square kilometres. We act as a passionate advocate, lobbying for better conditions and protections on behalf of our members to whom we provide services. We believe there’s strength in unity.
Mark Worwood on 0479 187 970 or media@wapu.org.au.
Note: Mick Kelly is in transit for the rest of the day and unavailable for media interviews.