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Perth prices went up in the past year more than WA police officer base salaries have increased in the five years of the McGowan Government.
According to today's Australian Bureau of Statistics data release, Perth's Consumer Price Index (CPI) has soared 7.4% in the past 12 months and 15% from the McGowan Government's election in March 2017 to the end of June 2022.
Under the McGowan Government, WA police officer base salaries have risen only:
• 2.8% for commanders
• 3.2% for superintendents
• 3.6% for inspectors
• 4.4% for senior sergeants
• 4.9% for sergeants
• 5.5% for senior constables
• 5.9% for first class constables
• 6.9% for first-year constables
Even if the WA Police Union accepted the McGowan Government's unacceptable public sector wages policy-stipulated offer of a conditional 2.75% pay rise, the five-year growth of the base salaries of its members would range from just 5.7% to 9%.
"Politicians say committing crime doesn't pay. Well, police officers say preventing crime doesn't pay either," says Mick Kelly, President of the WA Police Union.
"The McGowan Government's continual cop-outs from addressing the issues of remuneration, resources and respite mean our members are working more but earning less than they did before Labor returned to office with union support.
"The premier/treasurer, police minister and other McGowan Government officials must stop hiding behind the politically convenient budget assumption Perth's CPI will grow only 2.75% in 2022-23. It's the worst prediction since Robert Walls tipped the West Coast Eagles to win the wooden spoon in 2018 and they won the flag."
Established in 1912, our membership consists of more than 7,000 police officers, police auxiliary officers and police cadets from all over the world's largest single police jurisdiction, which covers more than 2.5 million square kilometres. We act as a passionate advocate, lobbying for better conditions and protections on behalf of our members to whom we provide services. We believe there's strength in unity.
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