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DATE: Friday 29 July 2022
The WA Police Union says new WA Police Force data shows the cost of living isn’t the only thing in the state skyrocketing. The rate of assaults on WA police officers is at a 10-year peak, and the rate of violent crimes in WA is at an all-time high.
According to WA Police Force 2021-22 statistics, the rate of assaults on WA police officers, almost all of whom are WA Police Union members, rose 8.7% over the past 12 months, its fifth consecutive annual increase. The rate of violent crimes in WA soared 10% over the same reporting period, its fourth growth year in a row.
The rate of assaults on WA police officers went up in nine of the WA Police Force’s 15 districts, with eight of them experiencing increases greater than 20%:
• 58.8% Wheatbelt
• 55.7% Mid West-Gascoyne
• 44.6% Great Southern
• 38% Cannington
• 25.9% Midland
• 24.5% Perth
• 23.8% Mirrabooka
• 22.2% Kimberley
“It’s no wonder our recent member survey found the level of morale in WA Police Force is at an all-time low because the agency’s own numbers reveal violent crime in WA is at an all-time high,” says Mick Kelly, President of the WA Police Union.
“While the McGowan Government is bashing our understaffed, underpaid and undervalued members metaphorically, refusing to acknowledge their concerns, let alone alleviate their remuneration, resources and respite issues, a section of the public is bashing them literally, assaulting them while they’re doing their jobs.
“In 2021-22, there were 1,210 assaults on WA police officers. That was 1,210 too many. We’re calling for tougher penalties for people who assault our members.”
Mark Worwood on 0479 187 970 or media@wapu.org.au.