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Tuesday 14 March 2023
We need “Kaine’s Law” – WA Police Union
Today, I can reveal that the health and welfare of a police officer injured in a car ramming incident has taken a turn for the worse.
First Class Constable Kaine Burgess, 34, and his partner were injured when their car was deliberately rammed in Lake Clifton by the driver of a Suzuki Vitara in the early hours of Sunday 29 January 2023.
Both officers suffered bruises and Kaine suffered a “neck strain”. But after Kaine’s strain didn’t heal within a few days, he returned to hospital and was diagnosed with fractured vertebrae
Kaine is currently on sick leave; he’s not allowed to drive; and he must wear a full-body brace for another six weeks. He is experiencing a lot of pain, both mental and physical, and symptoms of sleep deprivation.
The young constable has today made the courageous decision to share both his name and photos of his trauma to demonstrate the dangers faced by police officers. On that fateful day in January, Kaine went to work as a healthy young man, and today he must live with the consequences of his injuries.
That same month, I called on the Government to make act of ramming a police car a specific offence attracting a mandatory term of imprisonment of 3 years, and 10 years if the act involves the use of a stolen car.
Later today, I will visit Parliament House where I will re-iterate that call and share with members of parliament photos of Kaine’s injuries.
We need “Kaine’s Law”.
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