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Media Release issued 24 July 2015

The WA Police Union is pleased that Member Sergeant Lachlan Boath was acquitted of common assault in the Perth Magistrate’s Court today.

In delivering his verdict, Magistrate Geoff Lawrence said the prosecution case had been found wanting and had failed to prove the charge beyond reasonable doubt. He also said there were significant inconsistencies in the evidence and questions remain about how and what caused the complainant’s breathing to be impinged.

Senior Vice President Brandon Shortland said the matter should never have progressed to a criminal charge.

“The Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) today have failed in another case against a WA police officer,” Mr Shortland said.

“We hope that under the leadership of John McKechnie that we will see the CCC actually looking at serious matters.

 “It has prosecuted Sergeant Boath for something that is neither crime nor corruption.

“Sgt Boath had done nothing wrong. He was simply doing his job as a police officer which is a difficult and dangerous job under very trying circumstances. What he was charged with here and has spent the last three years under extreme stress dealing with should never have gone ahead.

“This has taken an immense toll on Sgt Boath, professionally and personally, he has had to deal with it for three years and it’s a joke it has taken that long to start with and it should never had progressed into a criminal charge.”

Outside court, Sgt Boath said he was immensely happy with the decision.

“I’d like to thank the WA Police Union for its assistance in this matter along with legal counsel for all their help, and my family and friends, I appreciate all their efforts,” Sgt Boath said.