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February 5, 2013

The WA Police Union today praised Labor’s promise to bolster WA’s Police force by 670 sworn Police Officers by 2017-18.

The Union recognises this commitment honours the Barnett Government’s previous promise of 170 additional Officers by June next year.

WA Police Union President George Tilbury said the Union was pleased Labor had revealed its commitment and made Law and Order a priority.

“Law and Order will make or break a political party’s chance in this election so we are glad Mr McGowan has come out on the front foot and made his party’s position known,” Mr Tilbury said.

“While we wanted 800 extra Police Officers over the next four years, we know 670 extra officers will make an inroad to helping Police become more proactive in solving crimes and assisting the community.”

However, Mr Tilbury said it was not enough to just increase the number of Police Officers.

“On top of the extra sworn Police Officers, we also need a commitment of additional support staff to help frontline Officers. People like Police Auxiliary Officers and administration staff would ensure that frontline Officers can do what the community expects and be out on the street.

Mr Tilbury said he now wanted a commitment from the Liberal and National parties.

“They need to put their cards on the table and either match or make a better offer to the people of WA. We will not accept anything less and neither will the community.”

The WA Police Union has been hand delivering its Pre-Election Submission to all WA politicians and has given members a deadline of February 15 to respond to its 17 recommendations.

The Union has yet to secure meetings with many Liberal members, who are unwilling to discuss the Union’s submission.

“It’s very disappointing that these Members of Parliament obviously don’t consider Law and Order a major issue for their electorate in the upcoming election,” Mr Tilbury said.

“I’m sure that when their constituents find out, they will have something to say about their intransigence.”