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September 9, 2013

The WA Police Union has urged its Members not to participate in voluntary interviews with the Corruption and Crime Commission.

In a letter to CCC Commissioner Roger Macknay dated 22 July 2013, the Union discussed its intention to advise members not to participate in voluntary interviews.

The Union still encourages Members to participate in compulsory interviews, which provide legal protections for officers, unlike voluntary interviews.

Union President George Tilbury said the direction to Members was based on sound legal opinion.

“I have since received a letter from the Commissioner and am in the process of seeking legal advice on the issues Mr Macknay has raised. However, the Union believes the CCC has adequate powers and resources to compel officers to take part in investigations,” Mr Tilbury said.

President Tilbury also expressed his concern over the lack of notification of today’s hearing.

“I anticipate giving evidence to this parliamentary inquiry in the coming weeks and will outline our full position at that time.”