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February 18, 2013

The WA Liberal Party’s election promise to invest money into cutting red tape and funding courts to sit seven days a week has been something the WA Police Union has been long campaigning for.

This announcement will have far reaching effects, making a real difference to policing, especially with the involvement of the WA Police Union.

“A red tape reduction audit was a recommendation in our Pre-Election Submission,” Union President George Tilbury said.

“Our own research has shown that on average, it now takes three times longer than in 2001 to process an arrest. It is extremely frustrating for officers that these unnecessary layers of bureaucracy prevent police from being out on the streets catching criminals.

“Whilst we acknowledge there needs to be accountability, red tape is out of control and some of it needs to be removed.”

Mr Tilbury said the Union had been in consultation with the Police Minister for some time about reducing red tape, and it was pleasing to see Mrs Harvey’s commitment to common sense.

“This is a fantastic announcement that will make a real difference to modern day policing if the review is all encompassing,” Mr Tilbury said.

The Union also welcomed investment in our courts and judicial services.

“After the debacle on New Year’s Day, this is well overdue,” Mr Tilbury said.

“Policing is a 24/7 job and other agencies should be available to support police. Magistrates should also work shifts so that babysitting by officers is minimised and the Magistrates will get to see offenders in real time, in the same light as police.”