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DATE: May 10, 2018

The WA Police Union has slammed the McGowan Government for once again stinging police officers in regional WA with a $30 per week GROH rent increase.

President George Tilbury said the rental increases would put policing services in regional areas at risk.

“There are some places in the State where it is very difficult to attract police officers and increasing the rent is going to make the situation worse,” he said.

“Some of the houses police officers are allocated to rent in regional WA are substandard and we believe it is very unfair for our Members to be forced to pay more rent for a shabby house.

“It is going to get to the stage where there are multiple vacancies in some regional towns and no police officers will want to go there, leaving that community at risk.”

Mr Tilbury said it was disappointing there were no provisions in the budget for additional police officers.

“We will actually lose 150 police officers through a voluntary severance program, all of whom will cease employment by October. They will not be replaced for up to 18 months,” he said.

“This short term reduction in police numbers will put more pressure on our Members.

“Leading into the State Election we campaigned for 1,000 additional police officers and so far there has been no meaningful increase which is not good enough.”

Another oversight in the State Budget was no allocation for the State Government’s commitment to a compensation scheme for medically retired police officers.

“We have been campaigning for a Police Compensation Scheme for the past five years, we have a commitment from all sides of politics, this is a free kick for the Government yet they refuse to roll their sleeves up and get it done,” Mr Tilbury said.