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DATE: June 6, 2018 WAPU GROHAdvert A4

The McGowan Government’s decision to slug police officers with another $30 per week rental increase will see police officers leave regional towns.

Following an increase on 1 July 2017, police officers will be forced to pay another $1,560 per year for their Government Regional Officer Houses (GROH) from 1 July this year.

Officers in regional areas have received a $2,000 pay increase over two years however, the Government has increased their rents by $3,120.

President George Tilbury said the rental increases would put policing services in regional areas at risk.

“There are some places in the State where it is very difficult to attract police officers and increasing the rent is going to make the situation worse,” he said.

“Some of the houses police officers are allocated to rent in regional WA are substandard and we believe it is very unfair for our Members to be forced to pay more rent for a shabby house. Further to that, rental prices across regional WA have actually been falling – not going up,” he said.

Mr Tilbury said police officers were different to other government employees and it was not feasible for them to rent or buy their own properties due to tenure and transfer policies.

“Police officers can be transferred against their will, with little or no notice. It is too risky for police officers to source their own rental properties because they can be moved at the drop of a hat, leaving them at risk of paying rent in two towns,” Mr Tilbury said.

“We have received feedback from Members in regional areas who are concerned that the rent increases will create vacancies throughout rural WA.

“This situation will become absolutely dire unless the McGowan Government makes it more attractive to move to regional areas by rescinding the planned excessive increases to GROH rents.”