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October 15, 2013

More than 100 criminals who have led police on dangerous pursuits now find themselves behind bars thanks to lobbying from the WA Police Union for new laws.

WAPU President George Tilbury said since December, 113 people were put behind bars for driving recklessly during a pursuit and this was proof the legislation was desperately needed.

“There are now 113 fewer morons on our roads that our police officers no longer have to worry about,” Mr Tilbury said.

“I am extremely pleased the Government listened to us and our campaign for increased penalties for idiots who evade police and drive recklessly.”

“Previously, offenders who drove recklessly while evading police were given a pathetic $300 fine. A six-month mandatory minimum prison sentence is more in line with their level of disregard for my Members and other road users.”

The Union believes this legislation will deter more offenders from evading police over the coming months as the community gains awareness of these consequences.

“We are also hearing great feedback from Members about the increased legal protections for officers during pursuits as a result of legislative amendments we lobbied for,” Mr Tilbury said.

“We have fought long and hard for these laws and are pleased to see them making a real difference.”