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February 15, 2013

Bolstering the WA ranks with 570 police officers (including 170 already funded) and 150 police auxiliary officers is a welcome announcement, according to the WA Police Union.

WAPU President George Tilbury said the WA Liberal Party announcement to put more police on the streets by 2016-17 was a welcome investment.

“The Union put forward a proposition to all political parties that we wanted 800 sworn police officers over four years,” Mr Tilbury said.

“This will deliver 400 sworn police officers and 150 police auxiliary officers from 2013-14 to 2016-17 – which is a good starting point for the WA Liberal Party.

“Station based police officers are first responders who make the biggest difference to local communities.  A commitment needs to be made that police stations will receive the lion’s share of additional police officers, given that this is the area most in need.  

“Expansion of the Regional Operations Group will ensure that suburban police have back-up readily available and that there is scope for police to be more proactive.

“With legislation, process and procedures becoming more onerous for police, a commitment for additional detectives will also improve the timeliness of investigations.o
“Increasing the number of auxiliary officers will allow police officers to spend more time catching criminals, rather than being tied to their desk.”

The $67 million capital works investment announcement is also positive.

“Investment in some of our outdated police stations is long overdue, with expansion making it possible to accommodate more police officers,” Mr Tilbury added.

“Upgrades must include recordable CCTV around all police stations to improve safety and security for our Members, which should not be compromised.”