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February 14, 2013

The WA Police Union today commended the WA Liberal Party’s acknowledgement that there are issues in attraction and retention of officers in regional locations.

The WA Liberals’ regional police incentives election commitment, that is police specific, goes some way to acknowledging the need to incentivise hard-to-fill regional locations.

However, according to WA Police Union President George Tilbury, the policy was devised without any Union involvement.

“This policy is a position devised by the Police Minister and WA Police Executive, not in consultation with the WA Police Union or our Members,” Mr Tilbury said.

“Our position is that the WAPU proposed update to Locality Allowance is the best way to attract and retain Officers, and also importantly their families, to those regional communities that need Police the most.

“We believe the Liberal commitment is potentially divisive and unfair to some regional locations,” Mr Tilbury said.