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June 7, 2013

In just over two weeks, WA Police Union Members from around the State will gather in Perth to set the agenda for police-related issues in 2013-14.

The Union’s 77th Annual Conference, which will be held on June 24-25, will vote on more than 60 motions put up by WAPU’s 44 Branches and the Union Board.

Union President George Tilbury said this year’s theme was “Policing: Paying the Price”.

“This theme refers to the many ‘costs’ associated with being a police officer in today’s society. Not only are there physical costs to an officer’s body, but the theme also relates to the mental toll that prolonged exposure to trauma takes on an officer’s mind,” Mr Tilbury said.

“When a person joins WA Police, it has life-long consequences.”

“Policing: Paying the Price” also refers to the financial cost imposed on Members, and as the Union enters the negotiating period for its 2014 Industrial Agreement, WAPU wants to ensure officers are paid accordingly for doing a difficult and dangerous job.

“The Annual Conference allows the voice of the Membership to be heard and shape the way police do their job in the modern era. It is important that Government and the Agency take notice of what we are saying to ensure a harmonious relationship exists between those writing the policies and cheques, and those on the frontline.”

Motions put forward for discussion at Annual Conference include:
•    Abolishing maximum tenure in the metropolitan region
•    Ensuring officers and their vehicles are safe in buildings and carparks.
•    Reducing the amount of red tape and process.
•    Increasing the minimum number of officers at small stations.
•    Closing a loophole which allows offenders on mandatory terms of imprisonment to gain parole.
•    Establishing a minimum standard for GROH homes in regional areas.