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DATE: October 13, 2018

WAPU is extremely pleased the State Government has committed to provide funding for a redress scheme for medically retired police officers.

President George Tilbury said WAPU has been campaigning for justice for medically retired officers for many years and recently included it as part of its 2017 Pre-Election Submission. It also featured in WAPU’s Project Recompense, published in 2014.

“Police officers who have been forced to medically retire from the force are left with nothing. They have given their all to our community and in many cases are physically, psychologically and financially damaged,” Mr Tilbury said.

“A redress scheme will help right the wrongs of the past and give these officers some dignity back after being left on the scrap heap for too long.”

While WAPU welcomes today’s announcement, the union looks forward to analysing the detail of exactly how the scheme will be rolled out, eligibility criteria and how applications will be assessed.

“As they say, the devil is always in the detail. We want to ensure that each officer is assessed fairly and is justly compensated,” he said.

“However, this is just the first step the Government needs to take to ensure medically retired officers are looked after. Section 8 of the Police Act also needs to change so medically retired officers do not exit the WA Police Force in the same way as those who are dismissed on integrity grounds.

“We also continue to call on the State Government to fund a Police Compensation Scheme to ensure that police officers who are injured in the line of duty and cannot work again are protected.”