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DATE: April 13, 2019

The WA Police Union has welcomed the commitment of new personal issue body armour for all operational police officers.

Sixty police officers from across the State will field test various forms of body armour over the coming weeks with the results to give the project team vital data to work out the best kit.

WAPU President Harry Arnott said the rollout of tactical body armour for police officers has been a high priority for the Union.

“We have been campaigning for tactical body armour for all operationally deployable police officers for more than 15 years,” he said.

“The nature of police work is inherently dangerous and it is vital that our Members have this piece of protective equipment to assist them with their tasks.”

Mr Arnott commended the Body Armour Project Team for its commitment to finding the right solution.

“The project team has worked diligently and methodically to ensure we will get the right piece of kit for the broad range of conditions our Members face. I commend the Minister and the Commissioner for embracing this project.

“I am very confident that once the field testing is completed, we will have a product which ticks all of the boxes.”