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DATE: May 21, 2019
TIMING: For immediate release

The WA Police Union welcomes today’s GROH rent deferral however, it is concerned with the motive and timing of the announcement.

President Harry Arnott said while the deferment was a good initial step, only the complete removal of the proposed GROH rent increase would be acceptable.

“We have received no detail of the deferral prior to this announcement. We have made it very, very clear to the McGowan Government that the removal of the proposed GROH rent increase is a priority for the WA Police Union. We have lobbied the government vigorously in this regard and the Premier and his Cabinet are under no illusion how important this issue is for our Members.

“We need a clear commitment from the McGowan Government that it will not increase GROH rents for police officers at all. Police officers are committed to the communities they serve in. They simply cannot afford to continue to do so if the State Government effectively takes food from their plates.”

GROH rent for police officers increased by $30 per week on July 1, 2017 and again on July 1, 2018. Officers in regional areas have received a $2,000 pay increase over past two years however, the Government has increased their rents by $3,120, leaving them $560 per year worse off.

“Regional communities deserve continued quality policing however, what we have seen since the rent increases is a reluctance for police officers to transfer to the bush,” Mr Arnott said.

“This is a smoke-and-mirrors tactic to lump WA police officers into the same category as other public sector workers and to intentionally undermine our position to exclude police from the Public Sector Wages Policy.”

WAPU will continue to campaign on this issue until there are no more GROH rental increases for regional police officers.