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DATE: June 11, 2019

The following can be attributed to WA Police Union President Harry Arnott:

We are incensed by the Minister for Industrial Relations Bill Johnston’s decision to release a misleading and disingenuous media statement this afternoon. This is completely disrespectful to our Union and Members as we had not had the opportunity to advise our Members of the offer.

The offer Mr McGowan and his Government presented to the WA Police Union is simply disrespectful to our State’s hardworking police men and women.

We have bargained in good faith and endeavoured to work with Government to find a mutually beneficial agreement. We told them to provide their best offer at the first instance however, if this is their best effort then it’s not worth the paper it is printed on.

We have pushed hard for the introduction of a 38-hour week to provide some respite for police officers from the rigours of policing. However, the Government has ignored our calls to improve police officers’ wellbeing by not including this initiative in the offer. They have not at any stage of this negotiation offered any assistance to the health and wellbeing of our Members.

Having regard to forecast CPI over the next two years this offer means our Members will suffer a real wages cut – effectively taking food off the workers’ table.

It is blatantly apparent that the McGowan Government is out of touch with community expectations. McGowan’s wages policy is at best controversial and not in line with modern thinking. West Australian workers didn’t create the debt – yet they agreed to contribute to budget repair during previous agreements.

Our Board of Directors will meet tomorrow to discuss the next steps but we strongly believe our Members deserve better and it is highly likely we will reject this offer.