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Date: June 21, 2019

The WA Police Union has filed for conciliation in the WA Industrial Relations Commission in an attempt to progress negotiations for a replacement industrial agreement for police officers.

The Government’s first disrespectful offer was outrightly rejected by the WAPU Board last week.

WAPU President Harry Arnott said the Union was committed to a negotiated outcome and that it was disappointed it had to seek the assistance of the WAIRC.

“WAPU has been committed to negotiating in good faith however, the State Government will not budge from its archaic State Wages Policy,” he said.

“WA Police Force’s own figures show that police officers are facing a real wages cut of $25 million over the life of the two-year agreement.

“We consistently come to the negotiation table to discuss our claim items and the Government simply stonewalls. Their tactics have ensured that we will not reach a negotiated outcome before the expiration of the current agreement, much to the immense frustration of our Members.”

Mr Arnott said the fact a union was arguing with a Labor Government about workers’ rights was truly unfathomable.

“Other unions have received offers or negotiated outcomes which contain costed items far in excess of the same wages policy which is being rigidly applied to police.

“Considering more time away from the rigours of policing is central to our claim, it is infuriating that other public sector workers have been granted additional time off.

“This shows that we are being snubbed by the McGowan Government, but we are not sure why the Government won’t consider the welfare of police officers.”

“It’s time the Premier showed some genuine leadership and met with the WA Police Union to negotiate a proper outcome.”