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Date: 22 August, 2019

The WA Police Union will attend a third conciliation conference in the WA Industrial Relations Commission today, in an attempt to restart stalled wages negotiations for police officers.

The current agreement expired on 1 July and since February the Union has been working hard to secure a negotiated outcome.

WAPU President Harry Arnott said the Union had moved significantly from its initial log of claims in an effort to find a middle ground with Government.

“Our initial log of claims sought a 38-hour working week, the spirit behind this initiative was more time away from the frontline for police officers due to the trauma they see,” Mr Arnott said.

“Our negotiated position which we agreed to present to our members is an extra weeks’ annual leave. The Government offered us one day. We foreshadow that we will be forced into arbitration by the McGowan Government for a paltry 32 hours rest for police officers.

“We maintain our counter offer is within the State Government Wages Policy. We understand the fiscal climate and we are not asking for anything unreasonable. Our Members need time away from the frontline for their ongoing mental health but the Government does not appreciate that.”

Mr Arnott said he did find it interesting the Government was claiming police-related victories.

“Recently, Government has claimed success in relation to reduced crime rates and wins against the scourge of meth. They had nothing to do with it, I am yet to see a politician strap on a gun and step out onto the frontline. It was the hard work of the dedicated women and men of the WA Police Force working hard, protecting their communities and achieving results.

“The Government promotes our troops’ victories as their own and then they reward our Members with a $25 million real wages cut. That type of behavior is disrespectful and will only lead to a reduction in morale.”