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“Please, please get a Will”

If anyone was ever to ask me what I imagined for my future, I would never have dreamed that I would become a 37-year-old widow. Widows were old ladies who had enjoyed decades with… Read more

India and Jessica awarded WAPU Scholarships

Every year, the WA Police Union awards two scholarships to children of Members to assist with their education. … Read more

Son follows father to the frontline

Wally Leslie joined WA Police in 1952 and in October his son, Phil, followed in his footsteps. … Read more

Methamphetamine in Perth: Perspectives from DUMA police detainees

Methamphetamine is of national concern (ACC 2014); but what does this statement mean to frontline police officers? In real terms, it means that frontline police are required, on… Read more

Win for our #ArmedInCourts campaign

The following can be attributed to WA Police Union President George Tilbury:… Read more