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Good call by Prime Minister to stop talk of raising the pension age

The Police Federation of Australia supports the recent announcement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to abandon plans for the retirement age to increase to 70 years.… Read more

Survey results show good value in WAPU membership

The WA Police Union recently surveyed its Members in relation to a broad range of topics. Results from the survey will allow WAPU to streamline its offerings to Members as well as… Read more

Injured cop not eligible for compensation

“In 43 years, this was and still is the only time in my career I thought I was going to die.” … Read more

Todd's story

I served in the WA Police Service for 15 years and continually aspired to be the best I could be. I progressed through the ranks and made my final mark as a Detective Sergeant at… Read more

Cadet celebrities take Warburton by storm

Fifteen young Aboriginal people embarked on an amazing journey when they entered the WA Police Academy as part of the inaugural Aboriginal Cadet Program.… Read more