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You may have heard Senior Vice President Brandon Shortland talking about Project Recompense during his 22-Day Push Up Challenge, so here are all the details.

Project Recompense is a WAPU-initiated research project that intends to secure a fair outcome for all Members who have suffered trauma during the course of their employment with WA Police and have been, will be or could be medically retired.  ProjectRecompenseCover

The Project builds a case to advocate for a fair and sustainable process to compensate our Members without the need for ad hoc ex-gratia payment applications.

Project Recompense was conceived out of the innumerable calls WAPU received from both serving and retired Members seeking assistance and support in the wake of life changing physical or psychological trauma.

WAPU has been so overwhelmed with requests for assistance with ex-gratia applications, that it was deemed necessary to undertake research into not only Members’ experience of work-related physical or psychological trauma and the Agency’s response, but also the forms of compensation available.

WAPU conducted a Member survey which had nearly 900 responses. It was this survey along with research which helped to create the report and its 14 recommendations.

We look forward to achieving positive results for all Members from the research and recommendations contained in the report. This is the first step to remedy an unjust and undignified system.

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