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The WA Police Union is an apolitical organisation and as such will not advise Members to vote for a particular party or candidate.

This article provides Members with information in relation to the major parties' position on our Pre-Election Submission, workers compensation information, other law and order commitments and lists the Sitting Members of Parliament who failed to meet with WAPU to discuss our submission.

Pre-Election Submission Report Card

WAPU has created a simple Pre-Election Submission Report Card so you can see where the major parties stand on our 22 Recommendations.

View the Pre-Election Submission Report Card

Official Responses to WAPU


WA Labor


Greens WA

Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Workers Compensation - Where do the parties stand?


In response to the need for a fairer system, the Liberal-led Government has developed a package which includes workers’ compensation for WA Police. If re-elected the Liberal Government will immediately amend the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act, aiming to have the package in place by 1 July 2017.

The package includes:

  • Workers’ compensation legislation which will be established without removing current sick leave and medical reimbursement entitlements.
  • Separating medical retirement of police officers from the Loss of Confidence provisions.
  • Amending the Police Act to ensure officers who are declared bankrupt without any personal wrongdoing will no longer be automatically stood down.

WA Labor

Work with senior police officers and the WA Police Union to develop a mutually beneficial system of workers compensation for medically retired police officers.

Introduce a new Section into the Police Act so that medically retired police officers can leave WA Police with dignity.


Workers compensation for police officers in Western Australia has been talked about for 30 years.

The Nationals will deliver a workers compensation package for police officers as one of our first orders of business in the 40th Parliament.

The scheme will be established without removing existing entitlements – that is, police officers will still have access to all sick leave, medical benefits scheme and post-retirement medical benefits scheme entitlements.

Police officers who have been medically retired will also benefit through alterations to the ‘Loss of Confidence’ provisions. This means medically retired police officers (those who can no-longer work for medical reasons) will no-longer be treated the same as those stood down for misconduct. Implementing a separate process will ensure these officers are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

The scheme will also see amendments to the Police Act, to ensure officers declared bankrupt without any personal wrongdoing will still have the opportunity to serve as an officer.

Greens WA

We also know that police are working in an increasingly challenging environment and we commit to supporting any measures that serve to enhance the health and wellbeing of the workforce. We are committed to every worker having a right to a safe and healthy workplace and that al l workers should expect to return home from work safe and well. We believe there should be a strong and fair worker's compensation regime to assist workers when they experience workplace illness or injury which should assist workers to return to work and ensure that they do not suffer disadvantage as a result of workplace illness or injury.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Fully supports a workers compensation style scheme for medically retired police officers including a range of specific illnesses and injuries including PTSD.

Law and Order Commitments


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View the Nationals Regional Road Safety Plan

View the Nationals Safer Communities Plan

Pauline Hanson's One Nation

View Pauline Hanson's One Nation Crime and Justice Policy

Sitting Members of Parliament who failed to meet with WAPU

Following the release of our 2017 Pre-Election Submission in November 2016, the WA Police Union invited all sitting Members of Parliament to arrange meetings with WAPU Representatives to be briefed on our Submission.

A lot of politicians took this opportunity to meet with WAPU to be informed about the 22 Recommendations included in the Submission however, the list below names all Sitting Members of Parliament who either did not contact us to arrange a meeting or advised they did not want to meet with us.

Lower House


Sitting Member


Political Party

PeterAbetz  Peter Abetz Member for Southern River Liberal
 FrankAlban Frank Alban Member for Swan Hills Liberal
LisaBaker  Lisa Baker   Member for Maylands  ALP
 ColinBarnett Colin Barnett 

Premier, Minister for Tourism, Science

Member for Cottesloe 

JoseFarrer  Josie Farrer  Member for Kimberley   ALP
GlenysGodfrey  Gleyns Godfrey Member for Belmont   Liberal
BrednnGrylls  Brendon Grylls 

Minister for Housing, Racing and Gaming, Leader of the National Party of Australia (WA)

Member for Pilbara 

 ChrisHatton Chris Hatton  Member for Balcatta  Liberal 
BillJohnston   Bill Johnston  Member for Cannington  ALP
TonyKrsticevic   Tony Krsticevic

 Parliamentary Secretary to the Attorney General, Minister for Commerce

Member for Carine

 BillMarmion Bill Marmion 

Minister for State Development, Transport, Innovation

Member for Nedlands 

 AndreaMitchell Andrea Mitchell   Member for Kingsley  Liberal
 NathanMorton  Nathan Morton  Member for Forresfield  Liberal
MikeNahan  Mike Nahan 

Treasurer; Minister for Energy, Citizenship and Multicultural Interests

Member for Riverton 

TonySimpson  Tony Simpson   Member for Darling Range  Liberal
 MattTaylor  Matt Taylor

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for State Development, Finance, Innovation

Member for Bateman 

PeterTinley  Peter Tinley   Member for Willagee ALP
BenWyatt   Ben Wyatt Shadow Treasurer; Member for Victoria Park   ALP


Upper House


Sitting Member


Political Party

JamesChown  Jim Chown

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for State Development, Transport, Innovation

Member for Agricultural Region

EdmanPhil  Phil Edman Member for South Metropolitan Region Liberal
DonnaFaragher  Donna Faragher

Minister for Planning, Disability Services

Member for East Metropolitan Region

 ahayden Alyssa Hayden

Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier; Minister for Tourism; Science

Member for East Metropolitan Region

mlewis  Mark Lewis

Minister for Agriculture and Food

Member for Mining and Pastoral Region

RMcSweeney  Robyn McSweeney Member for South West Region Liberal
MMischin  Michael Mischin

Attorney General, Minister for Commerce

Member for North Metropolitan Region

srowe  Samantha Rowe Member for East Metropolitan Region ALP
STalbot Sally Talbot Member for South West ALP