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Laurie Morley

Retired Sergeant Laurie Morley spoke to Annual Conference about this battles with PTSD and an incident in Harvey which nearly claimed his life.

Even though Laurie received very serious injuries, due to a decision in the District Court, he is not entitled to Criminal Injuries Compensation.

WAPU Annual Conference - Laurie Morley's Speech from WA Police Union on Vimeo.


2018 Annual Conference

WAPU Annual Conference 2018 - Police 24/7 from WA Police Union on Vimeo.


WAPU Rally

On Tuesday, 8 August 2017, the WA Police Union held a rally at Parliament House. The rally was attended by 1,000 people including police officers and the community, who showed their support for police officers as they protested for a fair and reasonable pay deal and 1,000 additional police officers.

Rally Video

WAPU Rally from WA Police Union on Vimeo.

Full Rally Video

2017 WAPU Rally from WA Police Union on Vimeo.

We are never off duty

Police officers are doing their best to protect and serve the community, but they are run off their feet and there is not enough of them!

Tell your local candidate we need 1,000 more police to give our Members the help they need in order to make our community safer.

WARNING: Graphic content may upset some viewers.

We are never off duty from WA Police Union on Vimeo.

Read more about our call for 1,000 additional police officers at www.itstoughenough.com.au

WAPU Annual Conference Video 2016

The WA Police Union wants to share with you a personal story of a police officer who was seriously injured on the job.

His story highlights that injury can happen anywhere and at any time; even at a routine disturbance.

Thank you to Senior Constable Matt Butcher for sharing his story and the effect his serious injury has had on him and his young family.

He is one of the strongest supporters for a workers’ compensation style scheme for medically retired officers, and as he will tell you after being able to keep his job: “I’m one of the lucky ones”.

Even though he nearly died and sustained a permanent injury, Matt’s positivity is infectious and he is an inspiration to us all.

WAPU 2016 Annual Conference Video from WA Police Union on Vimeo.



The Crackhouse Experience


The Crackhouse Experience from WA Police Union on Vimeo.

Visit www.itstoughenough.com.au for more information and other videos relating to The Crackhouse Experience.

WAPU Annual Conference Video 2015

The 2015 WA Police Union Annual Conference was held on November 23 and 24.

The theme of the conference was "It's Tough Enough" and the focus was on two growing issues, Terrorism and Methamphetamine.

The video was produced for conference to highlight the work our Members do for the community.

WAPU 2015 Annual Conference Video from WA Police Union on Vimeo.