By Jessica Cuthbert 
Ethan and Nathaniel Bond-Williams have kicked off their year with a special celebration. 
The duo, 24 year-old Ethan and his 20-year old brother Nathaniel, both graduated from the WA Police Academy last week after an intensive 28-week training course. 
Among the other 39 Brown and Grey Squad recruits, they were also the first brothers to come through the Aboriginal Cadet Program, a program they both agreed was a commendable experience. 
The brothers said their interest to join the Blue Family stemmed from their family who serve including uncles in east Australia on the police force and their mother in the navy. 
“We have always been around family who proudly wear a uniform and we’ve always looked up to them,” Ethan said. 
“Joining the WA Police Force is something we have both wanted to do for a while now.” 
Older brother Ethan said he was grateful for the Aboriginal Cadet Program which helped him kick start his career. 
“I really enjoyed the program, it gave me a great insight into what the job is all about. We were working in a station so it was a really hands on experience,” he said.
“It made us want to join up as recruits even more and by the end of it we were both really keen to finish the cadetship and become recruits.” 
Like his older brother, Nathaniel said he was also grateful for the cadet program, adding he was excited to begin his career as a police officer. 
“When the program came up, Ethan took me to an information session – I had only just come out of school and didn’t know what I wanted to do,” he said.
“I knew I didn’t want to go to university and I had always wanted to do a job like this and have a nice career, so the cadet program gave me the perfect opportunity to kick start that.” 
The brothers described their journey at the WA Police Academy as exciting and rewarding, agreeing it was a memorable experience to have the opportunity to do it together.
“We didn’t see each other too much being in the different squads, but when we did train together it was great. We really enjoyed it,” Ethan said.
“It was good to be able to bounce off each other if one of us was having trouble with something and it was great to catch up at the end of the day to chat about what we did and what we learnt.” 
Both brothers, who said they would like to explore a future in the Tactical Response Group, encouraged other indigenous people to look into the Aboriginal Cadet Program if they are thinking of becoming a police officer.
“Apply, whether it’s the cadet program or straight as a recruit, you won’t regret it. It was an amazing experience,” Nathaniel said. 
The Bond-Williams brothers would like to thank all who were involved in their journey, through the cadetship and the Academy.