Police officers are keeping active this month by supporting two great causes. 
In the past few weeks, Members have been pushing their limits in the Push-Up Challenge and lacing up their sneakers for Run 4 Blue. 
The Push-Up Challenge, from May 11- May 31 encourages people to work individually or in teams and complete push-ups raising funds and awareness for mental health.
This year’s goal was 3,046 push-ups representing the number of lives lost by suicide in Australia in 2018. 
Members across the State have been getting involved in the challenge, even Police Dog Whiskey has a go! Watch the video 
The second challenge, Run 4 Blue, is held in May each year and was created by WA police officer Senior Constable Natalee Cunningham and NT police officer Tammy Watson. 
Participants decide how many kilometres they would like to walk, run or wheel throughout the month and choose which Police Legacy they would like to support with their registration.
Natalee said she and Tammy met at the 2018 Police and Emergency Services Games in Mandurah after having spent months talking online through an Australian Running Group for Mums. 
“We ran that half marathon together and chatted the whole way about creating the event,” she said. 
“We both love running and we are passionate about looking after the blue family.” 
She said there was never any discussions around who should benefit from the idea. 
“Police Legacy was just a given really, it’s the insurance you never want to use,” she said. 
“Having three small children, it is so important to me that working in an inherently dangerous job should anything happen to me, my husband and children will be supported and cared for.” 
The inaugural Run 4 Blue event was held last year with 640 participants.
The event raised $16,000 in proceeds which was donated to all eight Australian police legacies.
So far 3,600 participants have registered for the event and are clocking up the kilometres quickly. 
“Run 4 Blue is an event that encourages people to look after themselves and use exercise to benefit mental health,” Natalee said. 
Following the tragic deaths of the four Victorian police officers on duty in April, registrations are growing rapidly this year. 
“The recent tragedies in Victoria have really hit a chord with the blue family and the general public who all want to show support to the police and the police family,” Natalee said. 
“It has been so pleasing to see members of the public as well as police officers get on board this year and post their runs, walks and rides online, supporting the blue family.” 
“It’s just really sad that the big numbers have come out of such a tragedy.” 
Commissioned officers in every state have again signed up for this year’s event.  In WA, Assistant Commissioner Jo McCabe, Commander Kylie Whiteley, Inspector Shane Sadler, Inspector Peter Morrissey and Inspector Steve Post are all taking part. 
“It’s great seeing the commissioner officers signing up but it is really important that this event is seen as an event that anyone and everyone can be involved in,” she said. 
“We have legatees signed up getting out there running, lots of children and even some fur children. This is the vision Tammy and I always had, it is open to anyone.” 
“This year we started doing feature stories on the Run4Blue Facebook page from each state. They were really well received with people enjoying seeing the different aspects of policing and how the blue family doesn’t have any boarders in Australia,” she said. 
Natalee said after combining the two events, more than $100,000 could be raised for police legacies across the country. 
Some police officers have set their goal to run 159.485 kilometres, dedicated to the four officers killed in Melbourne: 27.417km for Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor; 40.942km for Senior Constable Kevin King; 45.438km for Constable Joshua Prestney; and 45.688km for Constable Glen Humphris. 
These numbers represent each of their regimental numbers, assigned to them when they were sworn in as police.
If you haven’t signed up already, it’s not too late! Register here before May 31 or make a donation.
Photo: Sergeant Kaylene Adamson, Detective Inspector Peter Morrissey, Senior Constable Natalee Cunningham and Senior Constable Shane Cook. 
By Jessica Cuthbert