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Date: 1 April 2021 
By Jessica Cuthbert 
David Wall graduated as part of Green Squad 02/1986 in August 1986. In January this year, his son Jeremy followed in his footsteps graduating from Green Squad 06/2020.
In the 35 years between their graduations, almost 10,000 police officers have started their careers in policing, something which blows Jeremy away.
Thanks to the staff at the WA Police Academy, Jeremy’s regimental 17302 almost mirrors his dad’s who is 7302, making it an extra special connection.
“It’s pretty wild to think that we managed to line our regimentals up as I had applied before and was unsuccessful. But this time, I made it through and got the same squad colour,” he said.
The WA Police Force Academy realised the father and son’s regimentals would nearly line up so they moved some numbers around so they were exactly 10,000 apart. 
“I don’t know exactly how it came to be. I know he is a few numbers different than the rest of his squad so I think they must have realised we were close and switched some numbers around so we could be 10,000 apart – which was a really awesome thing for them to do,” David said. 
“I’m extremely proud. Whilst he has his own number, I’m very proud that it’s similar to mine.” 

David Graduation

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David Wall's Graduation Green Sqaud  02/1986 in August 1986 and Jeremy Wall's Graduation Green Squad 06/2020 in January 2021. 
David joined when he was 23 and his son Jeremy graduated earlier this year aged 25, almost the same age. 
“Jeremy has wanted to join for a number of years, so I have always been proud that he wants to follow in my footsteps,” David said. 
“It was a very special moment watching him graduate. We were able to have a photo with the Commissioner of Police which is also pretty special.” 
After beginning his policing career in the metropolitan area, a stint in the Kimberley followed, before returning to areas in Perth. For the past eight years, David has policed in regional WA. 
“I think Jeremy would love to do a country stint. Policing can give you the opportunity to travel and see a lot of our great State,” he said. 
“Policing in smaller regional communities is really rewarding too. You become involved in the community, make good relationships and can do some great work.” 
Jeremy said having family members in the job was influential on his decision to apply. 
“Having both parents and stepdad in the job throughout my childhood, I have always had a passion for this career. I loved listening to their stories which will then give me inspiration to tell my own stories later in life,” he said. 
“Dad was very influential though. He has always encouraged and supported the decisions I have made to get where I am today. I am proud to be working within the same industry as him.” 
He said the best advice he received from his dad is: ‘Your best weapon is your mouth, nothing is stronger than words spoken’. 
Jeremy said he enjoyed his six months in the academy, adding he made some friendships that will no doubt be long lasting. 
He is currently based at Operation Tide which he said has been a great introduction to policing.