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One of the objectives of the WA Police Union is to encourage the esprit-de-corps amongst our Members. 
Since forming the WAPU Adventure Club in 2017, Members from across the State catch up at various trips and weekend getaways.
The club was formed to encourage members of the police family, especially the WAPU family to enjoy these activities with likeminded friends and colleagues. 
The club caters for Members, serving and retired, and has a committee of management responsible for planning various events throughout the year. 
Since the inception, Sergeant Mark Burton has been involved in the club and is currently the treasurer on the committee. 
He said the club is about likeminded people getting together and enjoying trips away in great spots enjoying some four-wheel driving, camping and fishing. 
“I found that most of the Members have all tried the mainstream camping and four-wheel drive clubs but the stigma of being police officers is when you are in those clubs you often get comments about people who have got a ticket for certain 
things, or got done for a type of car modification,” he said. 
“It can get awkward and uncomfortable for many coppers, but this club is great for people who love getting out and about who are in the job.
“It’s for police staff who can get away, enjoy a weekend, meet people in the job that you haven’t met before, talk about the job if you wanted or needed too and just have some fun and enjoy the days off.” 
He said the club aims to plan at least five big trips a year. 
“Members are always welcome to suggest any trips or locations or post on our Facebook page if they might be heading out for a weekend, someone might be free and join them,” he said.
“The trips and weekend getaways are completely family friendly as well, a lot of the Members bring their partners, kids, pets – everyone is welcome.
“My kids love it, they always come on trips and love going away with the club and they have met other coppers’ kids on the trips and made friends that way.” 
Mark said WAPU Members who were interested in joining the club were more than welcome to come along to a trip to see what they were all about.
“A lot of the trips are based around four-wheel driving but it’s definitely not a four-wheel drive club. Anyone with any car is welcome and if you need to jump in someone’s car for an off-road trip, someone usually always has a spare seat,” he said.
“We had a young copper, she had a Mazda 2 and came along to the trips and loved it. Now she is the proud owner of a four-wheel drive.” 
“We have a range of cars and four-wheel drives, we have Members who have tents, swags or big fancy caravans. It’s always a great time, enjoying some time away from the job and having a few beers around a campfire.” 
He said membership goes up and down in numbers, given the nature of the job. 
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“Depending on shifts, some people find they are never able to make the trips, so they leave and then re-join later, or some move stations around the State. 
“We try and do trips north and south to cater for everyone, but not everyone can go on school holidays and that’s the only time some others can go, so we try and cater for everyone.”
He said some of the most enjoyable trips have been Ninghan Station, Holland Track and the Uluru Trip. 
“It’s a club for those who like getting away and enjoying the great outdoors, but if you’re not a four-wheel driver, you soon will be,” he laughed. 
Some trips on the horizon include a trek down to Esperance in April, a weekend away in Karri Valley for the ANZAC Day long weekend and the popular Murchison Station House visit in May. 
A list of upcoming and past trips can we found on the WAPU website. 
If interested or for more information about the club, please contact WAPU Field Officer Dean Giacomini by email on or other Members on the committee:
Date: April 2021 
By Jessica Cuthbert