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Police officers across the State and country are once again lacing up their sneakers for the annual Run 4 Blue event. 
The fundraising event is held in May each year and was created by WA police officer Senior Constable Natalee Cunningham and NT police officer Senior Constable Tammy Watson. 
Participants decide how many kilometres they would like to walk, run or wheel throughout the month and choose which police legacy they would like to support with their registration.
The two officers met at the 2018 Australasian Police and Emergency Services in Mandurah after having spent months talking online through a running group for mums. 
From there, Run 4 Blue was created and has grown since its inception in 2019 which saw 640 participants join up for the challenge.  
Last year’s event raised $108,770 for police legacies across the country.
Natalee said $12,000 in donations alone have already been raised for WA Police Legacy through participant’s fundraising pages. 
She said it was great to see individuals, members of the public, police officers and stations around the State registering for the event. 
“It’s great to see a lot of new recruits, the new police generations signing up as well to support the cause,” she said. 
Tammy Watson said the event highlighted the important role that police legacy plays in the Blue Family when tragedy strikes. 
“There’s not a lot of people outside police that know what police legacy are, or what they do,” she said. 
“I think getting the message out to the broader public that when we put this uniform on, we make the decision to put our lives on the line and should anything ever happen, police legacy acts a security blanket for our families. 
“They’ll know that they have a community behind them and they will have some sort of financial support.” 
Policing is inherently dangerous, and officers risk their lives daily protecting their communities. This was highlighted by the tragic deaths of the four Victorian officers who were killed on duty during a traffic stop in April last year. 
“That tragedy made the public more aware of what we do and how quickly things can go wrong,” Natalee said. 
“It allowed the greater public to know what this event is all about and why we do it. Just after those officers were killed, our event jumped from 600 registrations to 3,000, that’s what this is all about.”  
Registrations are open to take part in the event, or any donations are welcome. 
For more information or to sign up visit
6 April 2021 
By Jessica Cuthbert