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When you join WA Police, sometimes you need to go where the job takes you, which could be anywhere across this big, beautiful state of WA.

Relocation costs can stack up.  That’s why, with WA Police and Maxxia, you could salary package those expenses.

Who is eligible to claim relocation expenses?

If you need to relocate for work purposes, and your employer hasn’t contributed payment for your moving expenses, you could be eligible to claim relocation expenses. This includes if you are relocating to a position at WA Police within Australia or if you are moving from overseas.

What expenses can I claim?

If you’re eligible, you could use your pre-tax salary to claim some of the following expenses and more:

•    Relocation travel costs for you and your family;
•    Moving costs for furniture and personal effects;
•    Temporary accommodation at your place of departure and arrival; and
•    The connection and reconnection of utilities (must occur within 12 months of commencing at your new place of employment).

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more about saving on your relocation expenses? Call Maxxia on 1300 123 123 or go to

Things you need to know: This general information doesn't take your personal circumstances into account. Please consider whether this information is right for you before making a decision and seek professional independent tax or financial advice. Conditions and fees apply. The availability of benefits is subject to your employer's approval. Maxxia may receive commissions in connection with its services.
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