Effective 7am Wednesday, 21 June 2017, WAPU is instructing all Members to participate in a work to rule and safety campaign.

WAPU President George Tilbury said the Board of Directors authorised this action to condemn the Government’s inadequate treatment of WA police officers and highlight the differences between police officers and other public sector workers. It also puts the spotlight on the Government’s insulting new State Wages Policy.

“We are also protesting against the Government putting our Members at risk by refusing to fund personal issue stab proof ballistic vests and making no meaningful commitment to additional police officers, apart from a measly 100 officers for a so-called ‘meth border force’,” Mr Tilbury said.

From today, WAPU is instructing all police officers to work to rule until they are told to cease. This means:

• Officers are not to sign on for duty until their rostered start time;
• Only draw accoutrements once the officer’s shift has commenced;
• Undertake full equipment checks at the start of their shift;
• Conduct P.O.W.E.R checks on vehicles at the start of their shift;
• Officers are to return to their station and take a full uninterrupted meal break as per their industrial entitlement;
• Any interrupted meal break is to be restarted after the interruption is dealt with and a meal claim lodged;
• Officers are to return to their station to complete each task, including all associated paper work;
• Only attend one job at a time until it is fully completed;
• Do not use private mobile phones for work;
• Do not work unauthorised overtime; and
• Officers do not have to make themselves available after-hours unless they are at a Commissioned rank, OIC or receiving an on-call allowance.

“We anticipate that there will be some impact on the community, including delayed response times for non-urgent jobs. However, there will be no imminent risk to community safety and officers are expected to respond to all emergency situations, when required to do so,” Mr Tilbury said.

WAPU is also instructing Members to lodge occupational safety and health incident forms with WA Police when they are exposed to hazards where they should have been protected by stab proof ballistic vests.

“We have already instructed officers to lodge OSH reports when responding to incidents involving weapons. Priority must now be given to Members wearing stab proof ballistic vests when attending these jobs, with a minimum of two vehicles attending at all times,” he said.

While others run from danger, police officers run towards it. Therefore, WAPU believes it is only fair that the Government honours the 1.5 per cent pay increase it promised before moving the goal posts during Industrial Agreement negotiations.

“Our Members do many tasks out of goodwill and commitment to their profession. But the Premier has made it clear that his Government has not negotiated in good faith, so from this point on, officers will only do what is required.

“I know our Members have all had a gutful of the treatment they’ve received from the State Government, with their pleas for assistance, protection and a fair pay increase falling on deaf ears.

“Action will only cease if the Government fulfils our request for personal issue stab proof ballistic vests, commits to considerably more police officers and offers a 1.5 per cent pay increase,” Mr Tilbury said.

Media Release issued June 21, 2017