Police on the steps of Parliament House is never a good sign for any Government, let alone 1,000 of them who are angry and want answers.

This was the sight on August 8 when WAPU held only the second rally in recent history to protest against Premier Mark McGowan breaking an election commitment on police pay and then failing to commit to 500 police officers over four years.

As Liberal leader Dr Mike Nahan said at the rally, a promise is a promise, and Mr McGowan has broken his commitment to stick to the Wages Policy of the previous Government giving public service workers a 1.5 per cent increase per annum.

President George Tilbury addressed the crowd of angry officers and reinforced their feelings of being let down by the Premier and his Government.

“You’ve been treated appallingly by this Government,” Mr Tilbury said.

“This Government has broken a promise on pay and now it expects you to take a pay cut! The Premier will tell you today that we all need to share the financial pain; well, you already have!

“Tens of millions of dollars have been saved through Reform and you’ve also had cuts in overtime.”

The assault on police officers’ pockets continued with the State Government ripping more money from regional Members per year.

“As taxpayers, you now also have to pay $440 more in household bills, and if you live and work in regional WA, your GROH rents are rising by $1,560 a year too,” Mr Tilbury told the rally.

Premier Mark McGowan explained the economic situation of the Government, but did not clarify why he decided to break an election promise to police on their pay. Police made their feelings clear and disrupted his speech with boos and shouts.

Police Federation of Australia President Mark Carroll told the gathering of police officers that they were supported by officers across the country.

“From the Fortitude Valley to the east coast, the mountain ranges in Tasmania to the central desert and all places in between. From all 60,000 of us and our families,” Mr Carroll said.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with you because we cops put our lives on the line. We are the last bastions for a civilised society.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with you on the front line and the last line and everything in between.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with your Member attacked by Radovic with a Samurai sword. And we stand shoulder to shoulder with your off-duty member attacked at Roleystone by three of the worst cowards you will ever meet.”

Overall, the rally was extremely successful, especially given the wintry weather, and WAPU will continue the fight for fair pay and conditions for Members.