The WA Police Union recently surveyed its Members in relation to a broad range of topics. Results from the survey will allow WAPU to streamline its offerings to Members as well as set the direction for the organisation. Survey1

President George Tilbury said the survey results were positive and showed Members were satisfied with the performance of the Union.

“We’ve been through a difficult period following protracted industrial agreement negotiations and for more than two thirds of respondents to say the value of WAPU membership is positive, is a massive tick for our organisation,” Mr Tilbury said.

“The three most important services identified in the survey were legal, negotiating pay and conditions, as well as industrial advice and representation. This is our core business and internal focus, so it is pleasing to see Members back that up in their responses.”

Mr Tilbury said the results raised concerns with costs associated with the production of Police News and annual conference.

Police News is an important vehicle for WAPU to communicate with Members. The magazine operates to a budget with the revenue from advertising covering the costs of printing,” he said.

“Suggestions have been made that we should move to an electronic publication, which is available, so Members will now be provided with the choice to only receive a digital copy of the magazine, if that is their preference.”

Mr Tilbury said Annual Conference was a constitutional requirement and an important forum to help set the agenda for the next 12 months.

“The events which support Annual Conference are a great opportunity for delegates to network and the sponsorship dollars we bring in helps to cover the cost.”

Part of the survey also focused on the performance of the McGowan Government.

Sixty-nine per cent said the WA political process was not delivering good outcomes for WAPU Members and 80 per cent said law and order was not a priority for the Government.

“These numbers do not paint a pretty picture for Premier Mark McGowan or his Government,” Mr Tilbury said.

“Our Members are clearly aggrieved at not being treated with respect, not being a priority and not being resourced appropriately.”

“These results should be sounding alarm bells for the Government because unless it changes its attitude towards police officers and WAPU, it really could be staring down the barrel of being a oneterm government.

“I have previously warned the Government that its arrogance and failure to listen to those who put them in power would set them on the same path as the fallen Campbell Newman Government in Queensland, if it didn’t change its ways.”

Concerningly, only 20 per cent of Members indicated they were regular attendees at Branch Meetings.

Mr Tilbury said the Board would need to look closely at this result and consider strategies to improve attendance.

“The Branches are the cornerstones of our organisation. Therefore, it is vitally important that Members on the ground attend meetings, share their views and feed this back to the Board and staff to ensure that we are aware of all the issues and can advocate on their behalf,” Mr Tilbury said.

“There is no doubt there is considerable interest in WAPU, as 84 per cent of Members discuss issues with their colleagues. The challenge for us is trying to convert that interest into attendance at Branch Meetings.”