Senior Vice President Mick Kelly also got to check in with locals on the island. 

This week Senior Vice President Mick Kelly, Field Officer Carl Stewart and Media Officer Jessica Porter visited Rottnest to inspect and document the Government Regional Officer Housing properties occupied by our Members.

Fremantle Water Police kindly took WAPU and a number of Government workers to the island to complete the inspections.

WAPU will be liaising with GROH managers about repairs and upgrades needed at the officers’ homes.

If a Member is experiencing an issue with a GROH property (in need of repair or upgrade) they should speak with their OIC first.

“If you have a problem with a GROH residence, please make sure to address it through the appropriate channels,” Mr Stewart said.

“My advice is to have a discussion with your OIC first and foremost and follow this up with an email outlining the issues discussed.

“This allows your OIC the opportunity to address the problem, and if they need to progress anything through to District Office, they have been provided with the information they need,” he said.

WAPU will step in if this fails to achieve the desired result.