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The WA Police Union has launched a campaign to encourage the community to value their police officers.

President Harry Arnott said police officers care for the community and their colleagues and the Union now wants to community to Care4Cops.

“Our campaign seeks to show the community how police officers care for the community we all live in and they work hard, on and off duty, to ensure that occurs,” Mr Arnott said.

“We want people from all walks of life to make a commitment to Care4Cops.

“We have targeted high profile people to come on board and make the commitment but we also want everyday people to upload their videos and images direct to our social media platforms and tell us they are committed to cops.”

The #Care4Cops Commitment campaign will run throughout June on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and everyone is encouraged to get involved.

The first commitment video was launched on June 4.

“It was a great show of support to have these high profile people from our community make the commitment and now we hope that others will follow suit and get behind our Members,” Mr Arnott said.

“Our Members make great sacrifices for our community, they display a great deal of goodwill every day so that we can all remain safe and secure in our homes.

“We are not asking for much, we just want people to make the commitment via social media so that everybody in WA understands that the community cares for cops.”

If you want to make the commitment to our Members, post your photo or video to any of our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Create a post saying: “I care for cops because INSERT REASON”.The best reason posted on social media will win a #CARE4COPS pack which includes t-shirt, cap and sticker.

Commitment Video 1

 Commitment Video 2

#Care4Cops 2 from WA Police Union on Vimeo.

Commitment Video 3

#Care4Cops 3 from WA Police Union on Vimeo.

Commitment Video 4