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The Executive

President - George Tilbury

Director GeorgeTilbury

George Tilbury has been a passionate WA Police Union advocate for his entire career, and has been active as a Branch Official and Director for more than 20 years.

At 39, George was the youngest President in the 100-year history of the WA Police Union.

He has worked tirelessly to restore political influence; promote good working relationships with corporate partners; enhance financial security; establish good lines of communication and significantly improve Member services.

Some of George’s proudest achievements during his term as President involve legislative reform, particularly as some matters remained unresolved for up to seven years.  Blood testing for offenders, mandatory imprisonment for driving recklessly while evading police, closing the assault public officer parole loophole and repealing the CIA ‘babysitting’ clause are just a few that have made a significant difference to frontline police officers.

George has a history of bringing new ideas into the Union, and he hasn’t been afraid to go out on a limb and encourage the Board of Directors to try new strategies.

George is always up for a challenge, not afraid to make hard decisions and will always put Members first.

This is now George’s second term as President after receiving a resounding endorsement from WAPU Members and the Board to continue in the role until 2018.

Senior Vice President - Brandon Shortland


Brandon started his Union career in Geraldton before moving to the Western Suburbs Branch where became a Branch Official. While in the Western Suburbs, Brandon first held the office of Branch Vice President and then President. He transferred to the Maylands Branch where he was also elected as Branch President.

Brandon has been a Director on the WAPU Board since 2010.

Throughout his extensive career, Brandon has gained a tremendous insight into the conditions, expectations, challenges and treatment police face at work.

His experiences in Regional WA and more recently in metropolitan areas have given rise to his personal mandate to ensure police are not treated as expendable and forced to conduct business in unsafe, dirty and unprofessional conditions that would not be tolerated by any other worker in Western Australia.

Vice President - Harry Arnott

Director HarryArnott


Treasurer - Mick Kelly


Mick has spent 29 years working on the frontline and is currently serving in his ninth year as a Metropolitan Director and sixth year as the WAPU Treasurer.

He is WAPU's 24/7 On Call Emergency Director, available to provide assistance or guidance when required, and is the conduit between Members and WAPU’s Legal Team, police chaplins and Health & Safety Branch Representatives for critical incidents offering operational support across WA.

Mick has always made himself available for the membership providing welfare support, along with industrial and/or legal advice whenever it is needed. Members recognise him as someone they can trust and who will speak out on their behalf when they are unable to.

In both his role as frontline officer and as a Director, he is cognisant of the constant pressures being placed on Members having to operate in an environment where stress levels are at an all-time high. He continues to push to improve overall working conditions, rostering practices and shift allowances for all Members and he understands his role as a Director is to fight to get better outcomes for every Member.

Throughout his nine years on the Board, he has accompanied the WAPU Field Officers on visits to nearly all metropolitan and regional stations along with lock-up facilities, and understands the importance of a Director getting out and meeting Members to gather a true perspective of the unique challenges placed on each of them.

In addition to his role with WAPU, he also holds positions on both the WA Police Legacy Board and Police Families Assistance Council.


Metropolitan Region Director - Ward Adamson

Director wardadamson

Metropolitan Region Director - Anntoinette Cashmore


East Region Director - David Curtis


Metropolitan Region Director - Lindsay Garratt

Director LindsayGarratt

Central Region Director - Mick Gill

Director MickGill

Mick Gill joined WA Police in 1985 after a career as an electrician saw him exposed to the benefits of unionism and the protection and benefits it provides for its members. He has remained a WAPU Member since day one.

He has served in general duties and as a detectives, he has been stationed in a variety of work areas including Fremantle, Brentwood,  CIB, Fremantle CIB, Drug Squad, Fraud Squad, 79 Division, South Hedland CIB, Major Fraud and Katanning.

Mick grew to love the country life while in Katanning and in 2005 transferred to the Geraldton Police Station in the general duties area. It is in this time he became very interested in WAPU and got involved at Branch level. Mick has served in a number of different roles at the Geraldton Police Complex both in uniform and detectives.

During his time in RWA, he has gained an understanding of the very different issues that set challenges for officers working in RWA.

Mick became a WAPU Director in 2012 representing the Central Region and with the other three RWA Directors strive to resolve the issues that affect RWA in particular but remain cognisant of issues and the welfare of all Members across the entire Membership.

He is honoured to be a part of the WAPU Board and appreciate the opportunity to represent the Membership at various levels.

North Region Director - Michael Henderson

Director MichaelHenderson

Metropolitan Region Director - Mark Johnson

Director markjohnson

Mark (Johnno) Johnson has been a dedicated frontline police officer longer than many of you have been alive. Joining as a Cadet in 1979 he has seen WA Police evolve into a more contemporary policing agency.

As many of you will be aware, he is not afraid to voice his opinion and impart his experience in the political arena. In fact since his problems at Spring in the Valley, Mark has committed himself to helping and being there for comrades found in similar situations. Johnno is a backyard expert on the Management Intervention Model and this is where he sees his biggest benefit to WAPU and its Members. He is always available as an interview friend.

Mark’s move into the political side of policing has reinvigorated his love of the job and he looks forward to being an effective and efficient activist at WAPU. He is proud of his rapport with ranking officers and enjoys imparting his common sense on their initiatives.

The camaraderie of the blue shirt is what makes our chosen career extraordinary so let’s continue to work together and remember; strength in unity.

Metropolitan Region Director - Kevin McDonald

Director KevinMcDonald

Kevin has compiled 26 years of service in both metropolitan and country locations and as a Detective for most of the past 18 years.

He has held various WAPU Branch positions since 1998 including being a Branch Official at the North Cannington and Curtin Branches.

Kevin was elected to the WAPU Board of Directors in 2012 and has been active in representing Members, most critically as the WAPU Representative on the Police Officer Deployment Panel.

His WAPU service is inspired largely as a result of seeing how poorly his police colleagues have been treated simply as a result of doing their job. Kevin passionately advocates for the rights of these Members in his role on the Legal Committee.

Kevin is well known to many Members not only due to his advocacy but also through the many opinion articles he has written WAPU’s magazine, Police News, over the years.

Metropolitan Region Director - Peter McGee

Director petermagee

Serving as a frontline officer for 28 years in the metropolitan districts and regional WA, Peter is well aware of the issues right across WA Police.

He is never shy of taking on a challenge and always looks for a positive outcome for the disadvantaged.

Peter has dedicated his career to social justice, not only for the community but especially for the policing family through WAPU. By being an active tireless Member since the day he joined and as a Branch Official for more than 10 years, he has tackled the hard issues of unfair treatment and campaigned to improve the conditions of his work colleagues.

Peter has used his expertise in specialist crime, state security, police procedures and legislation to aid Members always supporting them to strive for the recognition, benefits and justice they deserve.

Metropolitan Region Director - Peter Potthoff

Director PeterPotthoff

Metropolitan Region Director - Harry Russell

Director HarryRussell