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The WA Police Union has been providing police officers with industrial and legal support for more than 100 years. WAPU acts as a passionate advocate, lobbying for better conditions and protections on behalf of police officers.

WAPU has been very successful in achieving great outcomes for its Members, who include police officers, police auxiliary officers, cadets and recruits. We have close to 100 per cent membership of all officers across the State.

WAPU strives to ensure that Members always get value for money, and endeavours to provide Members with an extensive range of services including:

  • Legal Assistance
  • Industrial Services
  • Death Benefits
  • Member Benefits.

Legal Assistance

WAPU’s Legal Team provides a high quality service for Members who need legal representation or advice on matters such as disciplinary action, managerial initiated action, investigations, criminal injuries, personal injuries and medical retirement.

Members are first required to apply for assistance by contacting WAPU HQ.

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Industrial Services

WAPU is the sole negotiator to collectively bargain on behalf of Members in the development of a replacement Agreement that reflects Members’ contemporary values and conditions.

Officers who are not financial Members of WAPU have no direct avenue or access to individually bargain or negotiate with WA Police in relation to salary and conditions.

WAPU’s Industrial and Field Teams are also able to assist individual Members with advice in relation to entitlements and workplace issues.

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Death Benefits

WAPU has in place an insurance policy that provides automatic death cover in the amount of $100,000. This cover extends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All WAPU Members are included on this policy as part of their membership.

There are also options to extend this benefit to $300,000 upon application.

A further insurance option available to Members is death cover for your partner, which aims to assist with the emotional and financial difficulties associated with the death of a spouse or defacto.

WAPU also provides a free Will Service to Members. This service is for 'simple' Wills only.

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Member Benefits

WAPU also provides Members with a range of discounts, offers and services as part of its membership.

Holiday Homes

WAPU has a number of holiday homes around the State that Members can rent at heavily discounted rates.
View the full range of Holiday Homes Accommodation

Discounts and Offers

The WAPU Member Services Committee also endeavours to provide added value to WAPU Members by negotiating a range of discount and special offers. These discounts are on a range of goods and services and new offers are added throughout the year.

In addition to these offers, all WAPU Members are automatically provided membership to the discount buying service, Shoprite.

View the full range of Member Discounts and Offers

24/7 Emergency Director

WAPU provides an all hours contact for Members and is primarily used for critical incidents that result in death or serious injury to police or members of the public.

The Emergency Director organises appropriate assistance for the Members, whether it be legal advice, welfare or any other type of support.

WAPU Fees and Information

For information on fees please contact WAPU HQ on 9321 2155.

More information about WAPU Membership can be found in the WAPU Membership Booklet.