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The WA Police Union has more than 6,500 Members – 98 per cent of all police officers in WA Police.

Members are made up of sworn police officers, police recruits, police auxiliary officers, Aboriginal liaison officers and cadets employed by the Commissioner of Police.

Members also have the option of joining the Police Federation of Australia (WA Branch). All police unions/associations are affiliated with the PFA, the Federal voice for police officers. The PFA focuses on lobbying politicians on national issues effecting policing.


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Board of Directors

WAPU is made up of the Board of Directors, the Membership and Union Staff.

The Union is governed by a 15-person Board of Directors elected by a ballot of the Members every three years. The ballot is overseen by the Electoral Commission.

When the newly elected Board first meets, it elects a President, Senior Vice President, Vice President and Treasurer.

The Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month and holds an annual conference every year in November.

An annual report is produced each year and presented to annual conference. The annual conference is the supreme authority over all matters affecting the general management and policies of the Union.

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Branch Officials

WAPU has 47 Branches State wide – 25 in the metropolitan area, and 22 in the country.

Each Branch has a President, Vice President and Secretary who are elected for a one year period at the annual general meeting.

All Branches hold regular meetings to discuss any issues and concerns the Members might have. These are written as a motion and put forward to the Board of Directors who formulates a course of action. All branches are required to have a minimum of four meetings a year.

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The office is made up of the President, Senior Vice President and 13 staff members.

The President is also the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO is responsible for making sure the operations of the Union run smoothly, and the organisation remains in a healthy financial position.

The Union’s staff has been carefully chosen to ensure they can deliver to Members the best possible service.

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