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WA police officer Detective Senior Constable Christine Frey has been found not guilty of distributing an intimate image of another person without consent in Broome Magistrate's Court.
President Harry Arnott said the outcome ended nearly 12 months of hell for Detective Senior Constable Frey.
"This matter has tied up the lives of more than a dozen people for a year and it never should have reached the courts," Mr Arnott said.
"It's about time the WA Police Force stopped worrying about what the Corruption and Crime Commission might think and just do its job. Our police officers are of the highest integrity and they deserve to be supported by their employer instead of being treated like second class citizens.
"The Police Force Regulations have measures to deal with misdemeanors however, it seems that the advice of the State Solicitor's Office is always to go for the jugular. It is our opinion that the State Solicitor's Office seems to have a much lower threshold of evidence when a police officer is involved.
“This is typical of the draconian nature of WA Police Force to instigate charges against our Members when there are other more suitable options at their disposal.” 
The legislation was enacted by Attorney-General John Quigley in 2019.