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DATE: April 23, 2020

The WA Police Union is furious the private personal data of its Members, the serving police officers of Western Australia, has been exposed.

WAPU President Harry Arnott said the breach by the Office of the Auditor General was a major concern.

“The personal, private data of our Members, the hard working men and women of the WA Police Force, is sacrosanct,” Mr Arnott said.

“As the Corruption and Crime Commission’s report states, the value of this data to criminal elements could be immense. This breach puts our Members at significant risk and every police officer in this State has the right to be mighty furious.

“The community, including our Members, puts its faith and trust in parliament and the actions of individuals identified in this report removes that instantaneously.”

Mr Arnott said the action of the WA Police Force amounts to a betrayal of trust to its people.

“By sharing too much personal information the WA Police Force has put our Members at great personal risk and exposure to criminal elements. It is our belief the potential ramifications of this blunder equates to serious misconduct itself and the CCC need to investigate how this information was shared in the first instance.”

Mr Arnott said he believed the CCC made the right decision by publicising this breach.

“The Office of the Auditor General said making the existence of the police spreadsheet public will cause angst, which it certainly has, but that is no reason to try and cover it up.

“Our Members have a right to know the security of their private, personal information was breached.”